Laser Therapy Treatment Centre

For Advanced Sports Therapy, Pilates Classes and Specialised Sports Injuries Treatments in North London you can contact me on 020 8444 4232 (answermachine) for further information or to make an appointment.

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Located in 9 Methuen Park Muswell Hill London N10 2JR

Advanced Sports Therapy

Nicola Jackson IIST ICHFST SMA originally qualified in 1986, having studied a Masters Degree in Advanced Sports Therapy, and since then has become highly specialised in taking on patients with chronic problems who have been unable to recover through standard physiotherapy. Specialist in spinal care and knee injuries.

Pilates Stability Classes Taught in North London

This unique combination of Yoga and Pilates, designed on the gym ball, is a must for anyone who has previously experienced back problems or knee injuries. By exercising in this way you will be developing your musculoskeletal strength and agility, while targeting your core spinal muscles. By re-balancing your body any discomfort you were experiencing will dissipate as you become stronger.