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  • Nicola Jackson IIST  ICHFST is a member of the British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine, BASEM, and The Royal Society of Medicine, RSM.  Having originally qualified in 1986, where she originally studied a Masters Degree in Advanced Sports Therapy. Member of the International Institute of Sports Therapy, and the International Council of Health, Fitness and Sports Therapists. Also a member of the FHT and the SMA (Sports Massage Association).  Nikki was an ex-International athelete herself as a junior.
  • Nikki specialises in the relationship between the spinal nerves and the myofacial release of musculature and tendonitis. This means the injury is also treated on a neurological level, which has speeded up treatment times by 50%. Advanced electrotherapy techniques are also available such as Laser Therapy and Pulsed Ultrasound for faster bone healing in fractures, torn ligaments and tendons.
  • Using a unique combination of advanced electrotherapy, (including Laser Therapy, Ultrasound, Interferential and Electric Muscle Stimulation), Neuromuscular Manipulation, Electronic Acupuncture and Specialist Exercise enables her to fully treat and re-balance the athelete, thereby helping prevent the same injury from re-occurring
  • Re-mobilisation techniques after fracture or surgery. Nikki has been able to help people recover after complicated fractures, major spinal surgery, knee and hip replacements, to fully re-gain their range of movement and strength.


  • "My brilliant Sports Therapist, Nikki Jackson, who helped me to walk again" Acknowledged in the book 'The Human Voice', by Anne Karpf. Writer.
  • "She was in so much pain that she went to see Nikki Jackson who has done an excellent job in settling down the acute stage and has turned the corner". Mr Ian Bacarese-Hamilton. Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.
  • "First class therapist". Mr Carlos Cobiella. Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.
  • "He is under the expert care of Nikki Jackson". Dr A C Jenner. Cllinical Director of London Pain Consultants. Honorary Clinical Lecturer.
  • "More recently she has worked with the new Advanced Sports Therapist, Nikki Jackson, and she has had amazing results. While her pain continues to improve under Nikki's care she is to continue in that fashion". Mr Sanj Bassi. Consultant Neurosurgeon.
  • "Her mobility of the ankle and subtalar joints are fine thanks to her Sports Therapist, Nikki Jackson, who has been working wonders with ultrasound". Mr John E Nixon, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.
  • "Nikki has shown throughout not just competence in treatment methods, but total empathy, commitment and conviction. Despite a poor medical prognosis, she succeeded in two - three months to get me walking again. Her skill, dedication and knowledge made me strong enough to postpone the surgery for nearly two years the surgery I am due to have soon and strong enough now to benefit from this.". - Professor Stanley Cohen. (Professor of Sociology & Criminology. LSE)


Specialist in spinal rehabilitation and disc management. Refers to and takes referrals from The Wellington Hospital Spinal Unit.

Specialises in knee injuries due to personal experience with Runner's knee and a torn cartilage. Nikki has considerable experience and expertise in dealing with knee injuries.

Currently treating a huge number of marathon runners, climbers, tetrathlon and martial arts experts.

Nikki will work very hard on your behalf to treat you in under 3 treatments (depending on injury severity).
Qualified in Low Level Laser Therapy and has considerable experience and expertise in Advanced Electrotherapy and Specialist Exercise.