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Sports Injuries London is a very busy, well established sports injury medical practice situated in the heart of Muswell Hill, North London.
We specialise in the treatment of sports injuries and other conditions using advanced electrotherapy such as Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy, ultrasound therapy, and photobiomodulation therapy (low-level laser therapy) which can rapidly improve your injury or condition.
This is a two tier process, as patients are usually treated with electrotherapy and then given unique tailor made specialised exercises to address the overall cause, and help prevent the problem from occurring again.



We have over 30 years of experience prescribing specialised exercise programmes concentrating on the physiology of your injury.

The exercise programmes are designed to strengthen and re-train your body safely, while rebalancing you, and addressing any weakness or issues present. This not only succeeds by preventing injury from re-occurring, but also helps promote musculo-skeletal strength for your future.

This is significant if you are a little older as it will not only protect you but also help to minimise any arthritic symptoms possibly in your future, and can be done at any stage in your life.


The machine used is the powerful Dolorclast (R) Radial Shockwave Device which is non-surgical intervention and treatment for many joints and tendon disorders. ESWT sends Shockwaves into bone and soft tissue, physiologically altering the tissue at a cellular level, breaking down scar tissue, and tissue remodelling.

Low level laser therapy or photobiomodulation therapy promotes tissue repair and cell regeneration. This can help accelerate your recovery by up to 50% and in turn significantly reduces inflammation and pain.

Ultrasound therapy is known to significantly reduce inflammation associated with sports injuries and by doing so decreases pain. Swelling is reduced and scar tissue is softened and remoulded, aiding faster recovery.

The thermal effects of ultrasound therapy increase circulation and helps promote collagen production, quickly restoring function. The combination of ultrasound therapy and LLLT are used to treat problems such as calcification, calcific tendonitis and difficult tendonitis with great efficacy.

Low Level Laser Therapy may also be used in bone engineering to heal fractures.


Nicola Jackson IIST ICHFST MSMA has over thirty years of experience with treating sports injuries and is a member of the British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine, and the Royal Society of Medicine.

Nicola originally qualified in 1986, having studied a Masters Degree in Advanced Sports therapy, and since then has specialised in Sports Injuries and musculoskeletal back pain, running Sports Injuries London.

She has been able to assist patients unable to progress their healthcare, who are in chronic pain, by helping them obtain MRI scans and investigations, and then putting them in touch with the very best Orthopaedic Consultants in the South East. Nicola has been specialising in spinal rehabilitation for some time now and takes referrals from the top Spinal Surgeons and Neurologists in London.

Nicola also has a role in mentoring students at the practice from time to time.

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Nicola’s well known and long established core exercises classes are now available to attend online.


Cost of treatments

45 minute session £95.00
30 minute session £75.00
1 hour session £115.00

Photobiomodulation Therapy

(Laser Therapy)
Once weekly £95.00
Twice weekly (recommended) £140.00