Sports Injuries London

About Nicola Jackson


Nicola Jackson IIST ICHFST MSMA is a member of the British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine and a Senior Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine. Having originally qualified in 1986 with a Masters Degree in Advanced Sports Therapy, means she has over 30 years of experience of treating patients not only with sports injuries, but also has an interest in patients having difficulty moving their healthcare forward in a positive way, by helping them obtain scans and investigations, and then collaborating with some of the finest top surgeons in the UK to ensure their care is the best it can be.

Nicola specialises in the relationship between the spinal nerves and the myofascial release of musculature, and that affected by tendonitis and inflamed areas. This means the injury is also treated on a neurological level, which may speed up treatment times by 50 %. It is the policy of Sports Injuries London to treat patients quickly and effectively, and many problems can be dealt with in just 3 treatments.


Nicola has also helped many people over the years after complicated fracture involving multiple surgeries using advanced remobilisation techniques to help return the patient to full range of motion. Many patients have had multiple titanium screws and plates fitted, in order to stabilise a shattered bone, and all of these patients have made a full recovery, and have been able to resume their lives and sport after remobilisation and unique strengthening following the injury. She has also worked with patients to return them to full fitness after total joint replacement (including reconstructive surgery to the wrist, elbow and ankle) or following Spinal decompression surgery, extensive fusion and microdiscectomy surgery. She has a long term professional relationship with some of the very top Orthopaedic Revision Surgeons and Neurologists in London, including the Wellington Hospital Spinal Unit, Queens Square Neurological Hospital, St John’s and St Elizabeth’s Hospital, The Royal Free Hospital and The Princess Grace Hospital.



Specialist in spinal rehabilitation and recovery from microdiscectomy, decompression and spinal fusion surgery. Spondylolisthesis and rebalancing scoliosis spinal curvature is addressed through specific musculoskeletal strengthening.

By having over 30 years of experience in the treatment, management and prevention of sports injuries, and due to personal experience with patella femoral syndrome and a torn meniscus, Nicola also specialises in knee injuries, having been through the process herself.

Currently treating people from the worlds of running, climbing, extreme alpine sports, martial arts and racket sports.