Sports Injuries London

Specialist exercise programmes


Specialised strength exercises develop the physical qualities and neuromuscular pathways needed to rebalance an individual or athlete upon returning them to full function or sport. Sports and Exercise Medicine involves the management of injuries of those who participate in physical activity and sport by treating the injury and then developing a specialised exercise programme to follow.

This may be a combination of resistance, core strength, proprioception and stretching/flexibility.

Resistance exercise is usually involves weight training or using an exercise band.

Core stability refers to a person’s ability to stabilise their core – in other words the ability to control the position and movement of the core. Strengthening core muscles improves back pain and prevents re-occurrence of injury.

Proprioception is position sense. It allows us to control our limbs without looking directly at them and involves balancing.

Exercises can improve bone density as well as reduce pain from chronic conditions.

Exercise intensity is achieved by using the Borg Scale to control the intensity of exercise you are doing.

Nicola has been teaching specialised exercises for over 30 years, and has taught a spinal core strength class in Highgate, North London for many years now. Being an ex-international athlete herself gives her a unique insight into how building strength, core, balance and control can be as effective as many joint replacements, which her surgical colleages would concur.